We absolutely love love love Havana NRG! We booked them for our wedding in Houston, Texas and our night was the most memorable night of our lives! This band is on a whole other level than any Latino group we have seen in our lives. From our very young teens to our parents, they kept our event full of energy and more!

- Sarah and Robert Lopez, Houston, Tx 


Celebrating over 17 years of great success, Havana NRG! continues to be one of the strongest Latin orchestras of the world. A lot has happened since our debut in Dallas in the summer of 2002. Not only have they been fortunate enough to perform in every major venue and public event in the State of Texas, but they have also traveled to the surrounding states and as far as New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco. Havana NRG!  has also produced two CD’s, including  “Camino al Cielo” in 2003, which was a hit across the USA and created a major buzz worldwide.  Their music has created a fanbase in many US markets and in countries like Japan, Italy, and others. A video release followed in December of 2004. Their 2nd CD release in 2009, “La Receta Perfecta” took their sound to a new level, mixing and blending different sounds to laminate their brand and tell the world, they were moving into new directions.

Now in 2019, Havana NRG! continues to hold their weekly residency at Gloria’s Addison each and every Friday/Saturday nights performing to well over 12,000 fans per month! No other band, whether Latino or in the general market has ever done this in Dallas, Texas music history! Havana NRG! consistency in adjusting their style, their music has been one of many keys to their success. No longer your typical “Salsa Band”, no, those days are long passed them, Havana NRG! have developed into a powerhouse showcase of Salsa, Timba Cubana, Top 40 Crossover Remixes, Merengue and Cubaton! The are ENERGY and the top showcase in this genre in the Southwest and around the nation.


Where do we begin! Our Spring Festival in Kansas City is something that requires diversity and once we booked Havana NRG! our social media and requests kep coming in  stating the city waned them to return each year! We love the band and how professional they are and boy do thy deliver!

- Michael Jones Events, Kansas City, KS